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Nov 30, 2011 07:28 If もしも
"If..." Shuntaro Tanikawa
If my head is my bottom, pants become a hat.
If the ground is the sky, a rainbow comes out into a tunnel.
If six is one, a Sixth grader become a First grader.
If a money is a leaf, a bank is green woods.
If the daytime is the nighttime, an adult also wets his bed.
If you are me, you wrote the poem.

Shuntaro Tanikawa is a famous Japanese poet.
I had known him recently.
I think that the his poem is fun.
How do you think?

The same meaning in Japanese.
「もしも」  谷川 俊太郎
もしもあたまが おしりだったら ぱんつは ぼうしになるだろう
もしもじめんが そらだったら にじは とんねるのなかにでる
もしも6が 1だったなら 6ねんせいは 1ねんせいだ
もしもおかねが このはだったら ぎんこうは みどりのもりだ
もしもひるまが よるだとしたら おとなだって おねしょをしちゃう
もしもあなたが ぼくだったなら このうたかいたのは あなたです