I`m working at Libary

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Jul 4, 2012 12:43
Since March this year, I`m working at Libary in my uni.

This is kind of part time job which is work 4hour a day.

My role is that arrage books and clean with inside at libary.

Actually, this is very simple work. I have lots of free time that reading a book, take a rest, drink to something.

Im really satisfy my job. one of reason why is that salary is quite good. it is higher than general time pay.

And I already say about it. I`m able to get lots of free time. during free time, I can serching internet , study something and talk with my work partners. It great for me.

Now, I`m working at libary from at 8 am. fortunuty, my work place is 5floor in libary. today.

There is special place which is keep old books. so people don`t usually visit .

Therefore for 4hours, I can do anything within rule, eat something, even sleeping a little time : ) I feel free !!


In my case , I have lots of plan today.

I hope every people have a nice day !