The First Lesson

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Apr 20, 2012 06:10
I took a my school's lesson for the first time today.

Our current classes are temporary classes until next Tuseday when which calsses we belong to will be announced.

In order to temporary classes, students' English ability widely vary because some students took part in "the head start program" which was able to take the lessons before entrance.

If they participated in it from the beginning, they have a 3 month's advantage than me.

Anyway, today's teacher is Steve Berghoff, an Americen, and I heard that his maternal grandparents are an Irish and a Rossian, and paternal grandparents are Germans.

I also heard that from 1900 to 1910 is the best time many migrators move to US and so his grandparents migrated to US together with lots of migrators in 1900.

It's interesting.

My school's lessons are entirely conducted in English, so even I have to talk to friends using my poor English during the lesson, but I thought putting under such environment was great as I expected.

However, there are some problems.

One of them is that I can't instantly construct what I want to say and the other is that whenever I'll be anxious about whether or not the English grammar I used is correct.

That's because I need a practice for talking, so are there any volunteers to talk to me via Skype on Sunday?

I'll be pleasure if I could talk to you.