Feeling of swimming

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Sep 12, 2011 10:25
I have a three days' holiday from Sep 10 to 12.During the three days,I asked my father to go swimming with me.He was very glad because I seldom offered to do sports.I explained to him that I would have swimming lessons at school on October.I now practised it in case I felt into trouble when I learn at school.In the swimming pool,I bumped into some people.To my surprise,they swam and swam.They even didn't stop after swimming over a few kilometers.I was surprised that even though they didn't swim as quickly as 飞鱼,they showed great prower,strong bodies and hard heart.

Practice makes perfect. Once I jumped into the water when I first standed by the pool because I didn't know what to do.I just did as I had ever seen on TV!That made my parents laugh for a long time.Now I want to say goodbye to that.I have already grown up.I am able to swim for 3 or 4 metres,and I am still tring my best to make more progess.

身体是革命的本钱.And swimming develops our mind and body.
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