For those taking the TOEIC Test! I have devised something to help (hopefully)!!

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Oct 12, 2012 02:48
Please click on the link and follow,


Part 1 -

Pick out key information, i.e. the doing word, the verb. For example,
A) They're leaving the room. The verb is leaving, listen for the verb and pick the most sensible picture that goes with it
B) They're turning on the machine. The verb is turning on, listen for it and pick the most sensible picture.
C) They're standing near the table. The verb is standing, pick the picture that seems most sensible.
D) They're reading the newspaper. The verb is reading, pick the picture with somebody reading.


Pick out the object, noun, in the sentence.
A) They're leaving the room. The noun in the sentence is room. Is one of the pictures a room?
B) They're turning on a machine. The noun is machine. Is there a radio or T.V (etc) in the picture?
c) They're standing near the table. The noun is table, is there a table picture?
D) They're reading the newspaper. The noun is newspaper, is there a news paper?

However, the second option may not be good just on its own. For example, there may be a T.V. in one or two (or more) pictures, so be careful! If you can pick out the verb and noun, then you will be doing great! If you can't pick out both, then don't worry, try to pick out the verb!

Part 2 -

Where is the meeting room?
A) To meet the new director.
B) It's the first room on the right.
C) Yes, at 2 o'clock.

For this question, you will be asked a question!
In English, a question will start off with either a:
For this question, 'where' is used. The person is asking for directions for an object, person or place.
He asks 'where is the meeting room', the correct answer will be 'B) It's the first room on the right' because the statement is giving you a direction, similar to 'over there', 'near here', 'the cat is asleep underneath the table' (etc).

If the question was:
Why are we going to the meeting room?
The answer would be 'A) To meet the new director' because the person is giving an answer to why they are going!
If the question was:
Are we going to the meeting at 2 o'clock?
The answer would be 'Yes, at 2 o'clock' because the person asking the question is asking when and if he had the right time!

Part 3 -

Man: "Hello, I ordered a desk from your catalogue at the end of the month and I haven't received it yet. Could you look into it for me please?"
Woman: "Certainly, sir. Do you have your order number by any chance?"
Man: "Yes, it's 4816490."
Woman: "You're Mr.Donaldson, right? Well according to my records, it left our warehouse on monday, that was the fifth of May. So it should be delivered to you tomorrow."

44) Why did the man telephone the woman?
The answer would be 'to check on his order' because he states that he 'ordered a desk' and he hadn't 'received it yet.'

45) What is the man waiting to receive?
The answer would be 'a desk' because he 'ordered a desk' from the 'catalogue'.

46) What does the woman ask for?
The answer would be 'she asks for his order number'. We can tell because she asks 'do you have your order number by any chance?'

Part 4 -

Announcer: "Attention Trans-Air passengers. Due to unusually strong storms, flights from Hong Kong have been delayed. In addition, flights to or through Hong Kong will be unable to take off until the weather system clears. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences this may cause you. If there is any way we can make your wait more comfortable, please let the agent know. In the meantime we are pleased to offer all passengers a continental breakfast in the waiting area. The food will be available all morning. Please help yourself to coffees or teas or pastries or fruit. We will announce new flight schedules as they become available. For now, please try to relax and be patient. Thank you and have a good morning."

71) Where is this announcement being made?
From listening, we can deduce that the announcement is being made in an airport as the announcer uses terms like 'passengers', 'flights' and 'take off'. The answer should be 'At an airport.'

72) What is the weather like in Hong Kong?
The answer should be 'It is stormy' because from the passage we know that there are 'unusually strong storms'.

73) What time of day is this announcement being made?
From the passage, when the announcer says 'have a good morning', we know that the announcement is taking place in the morning. The answer should be 'In the morning'.

With part 3 and 4, they won't ask you to write lots down, the questions and answers will also be simple. So don't panic if the passage is long, like this one, the answers will either be near the beginning or the end! (Hopefully *^^*)

Reading -

Part 1 (5) -

-------- is no better season than winter to begin training at Silver's Fitness Center.
(D)As it

Read through the text first, then try it with different answers. 'When' is a question, there should be a question mark at the end, therefore it is not 'A'. 'It' is used to simplify something, for example 'It is mine!' That 'it' is a simplified version of saying what the object/noun is!
'D' would mean that 'if something happens, something else happens', for example, 'As it is Winter, the weather becomes cold'. 'D' would not fit in with this sentence, meaning that 'C' is the answer!
'C' is the answer because the person saying it is proclaiming it! "THERE IS NO BETTER SEASON THAN WINTER TO BEGIN TRAINING AT SILVER'S FITNESS CENTER!!!!!!!!!" ^^!!

Part 2 (6) -


141) The answer is 'A) Pleased', use the past tense, because he is pleased to inform!

142) The answer is 'A) Follow', you need to follow the rules!

143) The answer is 'C) according to'

144) The answer is 'C) eligible', eligible means 'worthy'. You are not eligible - you are not worthy! (Ahahaha, sounds so mean!)

I hope this my explanation for this part helped, if you still don't fully understand or need more explanation, please ask!

Part 3 (7) -


Read through the leaflet, every last bit of detail, even the small print! ^^!!

What is the purpose of this advertisement?
(A)To announce a change in business hours
(B)To advertise a business for sale
(C)To encourage diners to eat early
(D)To attract more customers

The leaflet shows discounted price or offers, this can be used to attract customers! The answer is 'C'

What will customers receive if they spend more than $10?
(A)A $2 discount on their bill
(B)50% off their next purchase
(C)A liter of soda
(D)Free delivery service

Read the offers, search for $10, which is the right coupon?
The answer is 'A'

What will happen on June 16?
(A)A new owner will take over the business.
(B)The coupons will expire.
(C)Prices will be further reduced.
(D)The business will close.

The information is in the text! Look for 'June 16' as the question is asking what will happen on that date.
The answer to this question is 'B'

I hope this helps!

As this tests asks a lot of questions, you need to know how to interpret them, understand them and answer them. If you need any more help on questions, please ask! I'll create something for you! :)