War - Listening!

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May 29, 2012 04:52

This is a poem I created (now uploaded onto soundcloud. As the name suggests, it's about war!

Bang. The field destroyed by explosion.
Animals dead and the environment destroyed. Corrosion,
Of hearts, minds and souls,
Craters left and holes.

Cries of pain fill the air. Blood,
It’s shed in the next neighbourhood.
Humanity sits and watches
Men returning, hands in crutches.
They sit and stare
Not one moment with care.
War, it's never over.

Arrogance is bliss,
And the cat's hiss,
Isn’t as dangerous as its bite.
But the silence of the night,
It’s broken.

Broken, like the corrupted laughs of witches,
Cackling, looking over the hitches,
In their master plan.
And, as soon as they can,
Their master plan will be put into action,
Creating a chain reaction,
Of murder and guilt,
Until all of the flowers wilt.

Hope you like it~