A Pumpkin

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Aug 28, 2018 08:54
There's one runner of pumpkin in our yard. This summer it grew strongly and many yellow flowers blossomed. The runner has grown without any help after I had dumped some seeds there. Our family was wondering how to let them bear, but none of us knew how to do it.
The other day my father found two small pumpkins bearing. Those're most likely the first ones since we've moved here as far as I remember. Though there're some flowers every year, they've never born so far. At last two of them bore this summer. In spite of having been lots of flowers, we could have only two pumpkins.
It's taken so much time. Many a season came along and went by. As I imagine how accidental terms or necessities have been combined and made up, I'm very impressed by the wonder of nature.
If I were this pumpkin runner, which part of such a long runner would I be?
One of the many brilliant yellow flowers that could have blossomed but that have never born and would die? It's the same as I have no child in life. Or the one of precious only two pumpkins that is to be eaten by us, human in the end?
Otherwise just the stem that just connects each parts?
I don't know which part of it would be. The only thing I can tell is that I would be the very part of it.