My essay part2

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Aug 30, 2011 18:55
I also wrote essay two month ago.
Please check my essay!

Why should we do job?

What do you think why should we do job? Recently, some people work to get more

money; some work to enjoy the work, and some work to spend their life at ease.

Most people have their job for their reasons. The reasons encourage them to work hard.

There are three reasons why people should work; to make our own lives, to buy necessities,

to learn particular skills.

First reason is to make our lives. You have to work for your children.

You have to pay for your children’s education. In my case, my mother helps my brother and

me to go to school, so my mother has two jobs. One is as an accountant and the other is as

a shop clerk. Next you have to work for cost of living. For example, you have to pay energy

bill, water bill, and price of phone calls. These things are important to live, so if you

don’t work for them, you can’t live anymore.

Second reason is to buy necessities. You have to work for buying foods because

food is one of the most important of living. You need something to eat our daily life,

you must buy at most year’s worth of foods. Also, you have to work for buying clothes.

You always must have clothes, at least shorts, shirts, under shirts and underpants during

your job, going out, or staying at home.

Final reason is to learn a particular skill. The particular skill helps you do

your best in your job and to find a new job. In my case, when I worked a part time job at

the convenience store, I learned service skill to deal with a customer’s claim. I could

get these skills, and I use these skills when I find a new job. Another case is if you

learn the baking skill. In this case, some people work at a bakery to learn the skill of

making cakes from a master. Then they polish their skills, and they can build their own

shops in the future.

In conclusion, people do their jobs for three reasons, to make our own lives, to buy

necessities, to learn particular skills. They can work hard because of the reasons they

have. You should a clear reason why you work. You should continue working job, experience

to the job, and learn how to make money. If you can get success in your job, you can make

your family feel happier buying anything you want or going anywhere you want.