GTA Vで電車を破壊するというミッション

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Mar 12, 2014 10:47
GTA Vで電車を破壊するというミッション

私たちはGTA Vで出てくる電車を破壊しようとしています。なぜなら、単純に電車が破壊できるかどうかは知りたいからです。破壊的行為というより科学的実験と見なすべきでしょうね。:p






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Our mission to destroy the train in GTA V

We're trying to destroy the train in GTA V. The reason for that is simply because we want to know whether it can be destroyed or not. It could be considered a scientific experiment rather than an act of destruction. :p

We tried putting a bunch of bombs on a certain part of the track and detonating them as the train passed over them. No effect. We also fired at it with an RPG. No effect.

We came to understand that we cannot destroy the train through normal methods.

My sisters boyfriends co-workers are planning to get a few tanks and attack the train with them, so I decided to try it myself first. Even though I hit it with at least 7 shells, no effect.

Perhaps the mighty train cannot be defeated.

As our methods become more and more extreme, our despair deepens.