Kalyakさんの刺激の強い日常生活 (注意:刺激の強くないかもしれません)

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Mar 7, 2014 12:13
Kalyakさんの刺激の強い日常生活 (注意:刺激の強くないかもしれません)




Joolの大気圏は着陸しようとしていた宇宙機が潰されることになるほど濃いです。JoolとはKerbal Space Programというゲームに出てくる惑星です。



Thank you for reading.
Kaylak's exciting daily life (Warning: May not be exciting)

Such a long title!

Today I did the dishes and lined them up so that they would dry quickly. My sister boiled the potatoes by immersing them in boiling water. We didn't have any rice so a chance to use 炊く never came. It seems that all three of these words can be translated as "boil". (沸く、煮る、炊く)

Sudden topic change!

The atmosphere of Jool is so thick that any craft attempting to land on it will be crushed. Jool is a planet that appears in the game Kerbal Space Program.

Other planets sound like they might not be related to daily life but they come under playing games. :p

There is few grammar that is as hard as ほど was for me.