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Sep 25, 2013 17:49 w_poet made 1 corrections for Intrinsic Motivation
Sep 25, 2013 17:48 w_poet made 7 corrections for Intrinsic Motivation
Aug 20, 2013 17:33 w_poet made 9 corrections for Seen through my window
Beautiful passage! And sad. It's a pattern you see everywhere in VN these days...
Apr 22, 2012 13:30 caresa made 15 corrections for Internship Cover Letter
I tried to make corrections while staying as close to your original meaning and sentence formats as possible! Hopefully it helped :) G...
Apr 18, 2012 18:59 sohail commented on A letter of complaint
Above correction is very good. Hope next time you'll get good response and good service.
Mar 4, 2012 14:00 bruno made 6 corrections for " Do you like the Unit...
the other corrections are already done, so i didn't have to do much.
Mar 3, 2012 13:41 maromowz made 47 corrections for " Do you like the Unit...
This was long! Good job! My eye's are tired, so sorry if I made any mistakes in my OWN corrections haha. Again, I am just going off w...
Mar 3, 2012 02:44 Sorcerer commented on " Do you like the Unit...
this novel is very long. i tried to summarize it as short as possible. but my summary still has two parts. i will be very happy if you ca...
Feb 27, 2012 15:02 sohail commented on About your boyfriend!
Well, the ability of a boyfriend which you have mention or a lover is very rare.We all are humans,we are not perfect like angels, we do m...
Feb 26, 2012 03:21 maromowz made 10 corrections for About your boyfriend!
I agree with you! haha. As for my corrections, I am not sure if they are perfect, but I just wanted to correct your sentences so that ...
Feb 9, 2012 23:43 hwan made 13 corrections for Wanna be driven to school!
good job Sorcerer!
Feb 9, 2012 15:47 sohail made 17 corrections for Wanna be driven to school!
Your thinking is very impressive.Hope all daughters think like that.
Feb 6, 2012 03:47 jve_84 made 21 corrections for An interesting day!
It's nice to meet people and practice your language skills. If you met me do you think you would you speak Vietnamese or English? B...
Feb 6, 2012 02:29 hwan made 17 corrections for An interesting day!
Good job! And I don't think it will be the last time :)
Sep 12, 2011 21:15 sohail made 5 corrections for Describe the livingroom
hope everyone have living room like yours
Sep 6, 2011 20:36 sohail made 11 corrections for Compare my mom with my dad
Hope all parents have same qualities like your parents.You are very fortunate to have ideal parents.
Aug 30, 2011 02:42 hwan made 10 corrections for My family
The other corrections are already done.... You're so lucky to have such a wonderful family!
Aug 28, 2011 22:15 hwan made 15 corrections for I like sport!
Aug 23, 2011 05:39 hwan made 2 corrections for About "Sorcerer"-...
Aug 22, 2011 20:34 sohail made 18 corrections for My family
good writing,keep it up
Aug 15, 2011 18:47 Sorcerer commented on About "Sorcerer"-...
Please help me to correct this entry