Intrinsic Motivation

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Sep 18, 2013 22:38
Hi everyone, I am interested in researching about intrinsic motivation and i'm practising writting some short essays about it. Please help me to take a look at it! Thank a lot!

There is no in-depth and formal studies about the motivation 3.0 theory.Concurrently, with the aim of building employees’ motivation which came from the change in mind, it requires ingenuity, agility, willing to change and the innovation in the application from managers. Especially for SMEs in Vietnam, from past to present, they are still pursuing compensation policies which depends on the performance and not really serious about motivating personnel from the way to develop work environment.
The purpose of Motivation 3.0 is to arouse intrinsic competence of people, so the majoy object that the theory impacts is the mindset of staff members. Moreover, mindset is an abstract concept, it is difficult to get full understandings and hard to influence. Especially in Vietnam, when a large number of employees have conservative though, be afraid of change, and frankly, the application of this theory in the Vietnamese SMEs confronts many limitations and difficulties.

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