Seen through my window

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May 5, 2012 21:57
5 years ago, if you looked through my bedroom window, you could feel you had a woderful view in your eyes. I used to look out of the window to enjoy a view of sea and sky mixing together every morning. The beach was 1 kilometer far from my house and sometimes I could see the tide rising in the afternoon. Mountains lieing on the water were bright green on sunrise and turned to yellow-green colour on sunset.
In that space, you could even see houses with red brick rooves and coconut trees swaying lightly in the wind.
Everything became very fantastic on the sunset. The blue colour of the sea and the green colour of mountains turned wonderfully in yellow-red sky. At those times, I wished I could have kept the whole scenery in a drawing or a picture.
But now, you can not see anything which I described above. A factory grew up and my sight disappeared. My sea and mountains are hidden behind the factory and now I can only look at them in my memory.