A letter of complaint

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Apr 16, 2012 19:17
Hanoi International Beauty Salon

Dear Madam Marriana,
I am writing to tell you about your recent service's quality. I am absolutely not satisfied with yours in two previous times.
Two months ago, I went to your Salon to have my hair cut and a face massage. Both times, your staff made me wait more than 2 hours without explaining to me anything.
The first time, I was served after two other customers even though I had come before them. I asked the manager there about that absurdity, but she could not give me a satisfactory answer. Furthermore, the hairdresser cut my hair much shorter than I required.
The second time, they did not use the right moisturizer whihch i had suggested. So, it didnt bring my skin good effect.
I'm a frequent customer of your Salon and I used to believe in your quality standard. But with your service and your staff's ability in two previous times, I am really disappointed with you.
I think you need review your staff and find the way to provide good service as you had done before. If I recieve the insatisfactory result one more time, I will never come back to you.
Your sincerely
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