A formal leter of requesting.

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Apr 8, 2012 01:38
I'm practising to write some formal letters. Please help me to correct them! Thank you so much!
Subject: Write a letter to the airline company for requesting information about the piêc of luggage I lost.

Airline company’s address My address
….. ……

Dear Sir or Madam,
I’m writing with regard to a piece of my luggage which was lost when I travelled with your airline.
On March 20th, I flew from Ho Chi Minh city to Ha Noi capital, Vietnam on the flight VAL 445. When I arrived at Hanoi, my bag did not appear at baggage reclaim. I notified this at the baggage’s information office. They told me that I would be contacted right after my bag arrived. From then to now, 12 days passed and I still did not receive my bag. I have called the office several times since returning home. But they said that they had no news of my bag.
I would be thankful if you could give me any information about my lost bag. It’s a brown leather bag. It’s rectangle and quite small. Its lable has my name and my address. I am unpleased with this inconvinient situation. The worst thing is that I came back to Hanoi in order to continue my studies and a lot of my important materials is in an USB which is in the bag. I could not work without them.
I hope you could resolve this situation.
Your faithfully,
My name!
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