" Do you like the United States"- PART 2

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Mar 7, 2012 01:30
After graduating, she applied for the most famous construction group in this city and she got this job. She became to be a secretary for the director of this group’s subsidiary company. Thanks to the director’s help, she was getting more mature at work and had more life experience too. She wasn’t still a silly and native girl as herself a few years ago. The busy life made her think that she had forgot Hieu Chinh and she began to date with some men. But nobody could make her heart bloosom.
In the wedding of her closest friend, she met Lam Tinh who she had loved unilaterally when she was a child again. After that, he usually contacted her, invited her for some meals and he wanted to date with her. She still remembered clearly the date when she knew LT had gone abroad without saying goodbye her. She hadn’t forgiven him yet. For a long time, he tried his best to explain the reason why he had to leave far away for her. Because his father loved her mother . It caused the divorce of two families. So he couldn’t face her, he felt guilty with her. Because of his honesty and his love, she forgave him and allowed him to warm her freezed seemed heart. She had a quite wonderful time with him, she loved him, not as much as her love for Hieu Chinh and quite different. But she was pleased with the man truly loved her.
Life is really difficult to guess. She couldn’t imagine that one day she would see Hieu Chinh again. He became the superior in her company, he was a deputy director. Everyday she had to work together with him, she had to see his familiar face, had to keep herself far from him. She didn’t want to face her past love, maybe her true love in present. She realized that she still loved him very much and she couldn’t control her heart not to be always towards him.
After a long time Hieu Chinh tried to pretend not to care for her. Finally, he admited still loving her so much. But he wasn’t still confident to bring her a beautiful and happy life. He asked her to wait for him 3 years. He would get married with a girl who he completely didn’t love. But that girl could give to him a more successful future. When he had a high and stable possition in business, when he was confident enough, after 3 years, he would divorce that girl and came back to Trinh Vy. That’s all of his plan. Before knowing about his plan, she had still hoped for their love. But this moment, she was absolutely disappointed with him. She didn’t need the bright future which he wanted to bring to her, she didn’t need that happiness. She only needed a man truly loved her and that was enough. At that moment, she understood everything and she gave up. She couldn’t try for this stupid love. Hieu Chinh and she hadn’t a same way to happiness. At that moment, she felt that giving up him was so light , not too difficult and painful as she had thought. She came back to Lam Tinh and never missed Hieu Chinh. She only missed the man who had loved her naturally, who had given to her first life’s innocent feelings. That man was not Hieu Chinh now. HC wasn’t the man whom she had love deeply. So she could forget him, forgot all his love.
Then, she got married with Lam Tinh and really wanted to be his faithful wife. The author didn’t mention Hieu Chinh’s afterward life. Maybe he would never find his truly love again.
After all, for a girl, becoming to be a wife of the man truly loves you is more happy and smart than a wife of the man whom you deeply love and you aren’t number one in his heart.
The end!