" Do you like the United States"- PART 1

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Mar 3, 2012 02:39
Yesterday I finished reading a love novel- “ Do you like the United States”. This name is a question which a girl asks her boyfriend. The writer of this story is a Chinese young girl.
I have read a lot of love novels. Almost all of them have happy endings and after reading, I usually feel glad with the end. But this novel has a completely different ending from which I have hoped. And the novel make me think of it a lot.
The beginning of the novel, the principal girl is 18 years old, her name is Trinh Vy(TV). She has just passed an entrance examination of G university. The writer describes her as a cute, kind and very innocent girl. The boy who she falls in love with is studying at a Law university near G university. He is Lam Tinh(LT). That’s the reason why she tried her best to pass that university. He is her neighbour when she was a little girl. She holds him in a great affection for a long time, but she doesn’t know exactly if he loves her.
Some days after entering her university, she came to his university to see him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there, he has just come to the United states to study aboard. When listening to that news, she cried very much and cried for a long time after that. She reproached him with leaving without telling her anything. She didn’t hear any news from him and she was hopeless. But she still missed him so much and she thought that she would never forget him.
One day, she had a argument with a strange boy student. He is 1 year older than her and his name is Hieu Chinh(HC). She completely thought that he was wrong but he didn’t think so. She seriously asked him an apology, but he didn’t do it. She is a stubborn and headstrong girl. So she determined on retaliating against him. After a long time she usually made him angry, she realized that she didn’t hate him as her thought. Conversely, she felt like him.
She wears her heart on her sleeve. So she determined on expressing her love to HC. Initially, HC hated her and he even didn’t want to see her face any minutes. But after that, by one way, she went into his heart and sometimes he missed her, he thought about her more and he realized that he liked her beauty and her character.
Their love was very nice, romantic and special. They became the greatest couple at their university. They gave to each other innocent and natural feelings. She knew that HC is the man who she truly loves. LT was like her idol, she admired him but she would never catch up with him. So she gave her whole love for her man- Hieu Chinh. She often imaged their future- a sweet future.
God usually doesn’t give to people something they wish, and God didn’t give to Trinh Vy a permanent love. Maybe God didn’t take her love away. The United States deprived her love again. One more time, the man she loves would went aboard to make his dream, his family’s dream. Because of her, he used to decide not going and he wanted to stay by her side. But his love couldn’t win his parent’s hope on him. Actually, he loved her very much, but he wasn’t confident to bring a bright future to her. So he had to go away to be a successful man. And he hoped when he returns, she won’t be another’s wife, she still loves him and they will be a happy husband and wife.
Finally, he went away and Trinh Vy stayed there alone with too much love memories. Hieu Chinh wasn’t confident enough to give her a promise. She suffered the most terrible time in her life. She believed that she would never love another man. He hurted her heart and she would never forgive him for that.