About your boyfriend!

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Feb 26, 2012 02:46
Frankly, I don’t usually tell about love. But today, I want to tell something… they may be confused, may be wrong, may be…..
The man who loves you is someone always by your side
He is the first one you think of when you’re happy or sad.
He is the first one you want to hug when you cry
When you are sulky with each other, he always says “sorry” previously and don’t need to know who’s wrong, because he doesn’t want you to be sad.
He becomes embarrassed when sees the tear on your face, and he feels his arms and legs be useless.
He will say he missed you right after you are far away each other 5 minutes ago. And he doesn’t lie.
He dislikes cooking, but he prepares diner for you just for making you a special thing
Almost the time, he takes you to go everywhere you want. When he isn’t able to do it, he won’t be worried all the time you’re out.
He can miss a party, he can miss a football match, he can miss a job, but he can’t miss the appointment with you.
You are the first one he thinks about after he wakes up and before he sleeps.
You are the girl who usually breaks his sleep, goes into his dream and becomes his princess.
You are the reason why he can’t focus on work or anything else
And you are everything with him.
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