Wanna be driven to school!

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Feb 9, 2012 00:32
When I was going to school this morning, I saw a father who took his daughter to her school. The special thing is her age is the same as me. She is mature enough to come to class herself but she was taken to school. When I saw that, suddenly I felt envious of her. I have wanted to be driven to school by my Dad like her, I wanna…
And I remmembered that from I have started studying to now, my Dad has never taken me to school. You might think that he is not a good father. But it is not true. I know the reason why my Dad have done that. When I was a primary school girl, the school is very near my house. So I could walk to school alone and my mother could follow me with her eyes until I came into the school gate.
Then I came to secondary school, my house is 2 kilometres far from my school. My father had taught me how to drive a bicycle so as to I could go to school by bicycle. That time, my Dad had to work more early than I had to get to school. So he couldn’t have taken me to school. But I know he was always worried about my way to school when he couldn’t go with me.
From I was a high school girl until now, I have lived far away from my parents and I am muture enough to live without my parents side by side. I know a lot of parents usually look after their children as kids though their children are more 18 years old. But my parents haven’t done that. They want me to grow naturally and want to practise my self-reliance. That helped me not to be so worried about every thing and I always thank my parents for that.
Although I was envious of that girl and I really wanted to be driven to go to school by my Dad, I have never hold it against him. For me, he is always the most wonderful father.