An interesting day!

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Feb 6, 2012 01:49
This morning, I went to Van Mieu- a famous place in Hanoi. It is a place of worship. They worship and commemarate some feudal kings and some famous people of knowledge.
I saw and talked to some foreigners, 3 Autralian boys, an husband and wife from Germany. I was very nervous because my english is not good and I was afraid of bothering them. But they were very friendly when I made acquaintance with them. Then we talked very comfortable and jolly.
Three Australian boys are volunteers for teaching english in Vietnam. Today is the third day they have stayed in Vietnam and Hanoi capital is the first city they came. They are 18 but they look like more mature than their age. They are quite handsome and very tall. I asked their feeling about Vietnam. They said that although Vietnam was a small country but we had a lot of beautiful views and famous landscapes, Vietnamese people were very kind and friendly. I think we had an interesting conversation and I really want to see them again.
An Germany husband and wife are very friendly too. They are tourists. They have visited a lot of countries in the world and they have a tour around Southeast Asian nations. Today is the second day they have stayed in Vietnam. They are going to stay in Vietnam longer and they said they love Vietnam very much. But, the wife said she was very scared the traffic in Vietnam and she didn’t like the wet weather like today so much. Besides, they told me that their daughter was visiting Thailand lonely. I think she is very fearless. I can’t do it. Their family are great. I think they like traveling very much.
Today is really an interesting day of mine. The foreign friends are very kind. This is the first time I see them, it may be the last time. but I will never forget them.