Describe the livingroom

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Sep 12, 2011 19:58
My house has a livingroom which is in the second floor and it’s quite narrow. The floor is paved with green flowered bricks and the wall is paved with white flowered bricks. These colour make the room more bright.
It has one door and two windows. One window is near the steps and the other one is it's opposite. From this window, we can see blue sky and mild sea. This window is always opened to welcome the sunshine. It’s the most wonderful thing of this room.
In the middle of the room, there is a brown sofa with a black glass coffee table. They are very suitable with each other. Because my Mom likes to decorate this room naturally, there is always a vase of fresh flowers on the coffee table. This makes our living room more beautiful so much.
Besides, our living room has a big black TV which is on a square cabinet, some pictures on the wall and some calendars.
I like reading books and listening to music in our living room. It makes me feel comfortable and relaxed so much. So the living room is the most favourite room of mine in the house.