My family

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Aug 22, 2011 19:13
Today I'm going to tell you about my nuclear family. There are four people in our family, as in most different families, my dad, my mom, my elder sister and me. My dad is fifty two years old, but I think he looks younger than people who are the same age as him. He is a driver. He operates a tanker truck in which he carries mineral oil. His work is very hard and harmful for his healthy. My mom dislikes his occupation, but he always says: “ I love my work, I love travelling everywhere and providing oil to everybody, honey, don’t worry!”. He is very kind and generous. He is interested in everybody, especially his family and close friends. So everybody loves him very much. Sometimes, he’s very strict with me and my sister. When we were childen, he didn’t allow us to go out in the evening and I didn’t like that, I was uncomfortable with him. But now, I know why he was strict with us, he wants to avoid us from bad things. So I haven’t been uncomfortable with him, I have become closer with him and I love him so much.
My mom is 2 years younger than my dad. She doesn’t work at any company, she has a souvenir shop and she loves to sell and see many customers every day. She is really the most wonderful woman in my heart. She looks after her husband and her children very well and she loves us more than everything, even herself. She cooks very well. I like all the food she cooks, it's very delicous. She says: “ In the food which she cooks, there is her love for us”.
My mother is my biggest and closest friend. I can share everything with her. She always listens to me and give me the best advice. She gives me peaceful and happy feeling. She is really the most important person in my life. I love her so much.
The final member I want to tell you is my elder sister. She is twenty three years old. She is a pretty girl. She loves me and pamper me very much. Her fiance is very handsome too. He is 178 centimeters tall. He is very kind. Next year, they’re going to get married and they both want to have a son aterthat. I think if my nephew is the same as his parents, he is going to be very handsome and cute. We are all waiting that day.
My family is very happy and peaceful. I love my family so much