Second Life

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Jan 16, 2012 03:27
I heard a new song from MayDay(五月天)Second Life
it is a great song, which gives me courage and energy
Part Of Lyric:
Expecting a colourful and meaningful journey, but you are still waiting for it
Until when you are old , wasting all your youth and energy , and begin to repent
期待一趟旅程 精采万分 你却还在等
等到荒废青春 用尽体温 才开始悔恨
Life is short, you should do what you want
I also remember a song of Bruno Mars Today My Life Begins

I still remember Ashin(the coryphaeus of MayDay) wrote "加油(fighting)"to me when I were 18 year-old, he wanted to encourage me to enter into my ideal university, but I didn't do it.==