"Urashima Taro"

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Aug 15, 2011 19:31 Travel Hokkaido UrashimaTaro
I went to Hokkaido where my father's family home is.
I ate fresh fish and drunk delicious Japanese sake.
I also went to "Erimo cape" and "Hakodate city".

Though I saw many beautiful night scene and ate delicious foods,
the most impressive things is what I saw a ship in front of my father's family home.

It's a old small ship. But on the sea, there was only the ship.
I thought the view was same as long time ago, because there weren't anything can be related with modern life. There were only sea, sand, mountain, old houses made by wood, and the old small ship on the sea.

I thought that folk story's scene like "Urashima Taro" would be like this.

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