I Love being Busy

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Sep 7, 2011 16:12
I am a busy person. I already get used to it.
Before I really freak out everytime I've got lots of things to do in a day or in a week.
But now, I love to be busy. I love to manage things and race on time. heheh
Sometimes I could say to myself, I'm getting crazy! hahahah LOL!
I really feel it's fun and it's rewarding for me after a day or a week that I finished the task given to me or things that I ought to do.
I just love being busy, having a work all the time makes my mind sharper and developed myself a lot. I no longer get scared much than before.
I put all things on place, and before I sleep, I plan my whole day activity for tomorrow. Then wake-up with a smile and get ready for a new day. heheh
That's how I do my thing.
I really feel I'm growing up now. hahahha