Suddenly realised about my age

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Aug 1, 2011 18:19
Never realised about my age before, until few days ago I was invited by my best friend to attend a youngster activities in her church.

I think it must be great since I’ve never seen her after such a long time. There were some people who greeting each other and they were all young people. But suddenly something crossed my mind, they were behaving like teenagers.

I realised that from the beginning I felt so uncomfortable about the way they behaved so childish, the way they sang the choir ( I never intended to underestimate their abilities but it seemed that they sang it without any deep feeling to praise God ), the way they behaved happily for such a childish game, and preaching from the preacher, it seemed very shallow and plain and no complexities at all, somehow I felt very disappointed. And then I somehow recalled those childish characters, and that’s what I did in my past when I was about in 17-19 years old girl.

I just laughed and then realised that I am an adult person now. I felt so comfortable inside and little envious about those teens who played without hesitations and didn’t realise their heavy burdens yet to come.
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