with a child - with child

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Jul 4, 2012 23:42
He's with a child.
(quoted from http://homepage3.nifty.com/monohato/art/kako.html )

She's with child.
(quoted from http://aroma-kansai.org/katudou/2010/03/post-2.html )

Please give me comment, if you know such a things. :)

Could you please correct the following sentences?

/* 2012/07/02 No.533-No.591 */
The person has a privilege.
She is jealous of him.
He got mistake, in spite of his endeavor.
He saw someone being bullied, but he turned a blind eye.
He braked this machine, and he got away with it.
The word attractive is a compliment.
Is that a compliment or a joke?
She cried to her heart's content.
His action in itself was a mistake.
He is stubborn and naughty.

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