French to English 0w0.... please correct me or comment something xD... thanks!!! 0w0

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Mar 10, 2012 10:10 English French crazy (>w<)
1) Je n'ai trouvé aucun ami dans le cinema
I haven't found any friend at the cinema.

2)Ce problème n'a aucune solution.
This problem doesn't have a solution.

3) Dans chaque chambre il y a un téléviseur.
In each house (room?) there is a T.V.

4)Chaque matin, je prends un bain.
Each morning I take a bath (shower?).

5)J'ai passé quelques années en Angleterre.
I spent some years in England.

Hello! I hope you can help with this, I'm trying to learn French so there are some sentences and I translate them to English (My English is not so good so maybe you will find some mistakes in English xD...sorry)..

Thanks and have a nice day n.n