I downloaded a book! ( ♥ . ♥)n

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Feb 2, 2012 10:56 French audio book English

Today, I downloaded a book with audio. Is a book for learn a foreign language. It has a lot of examples, repeat a lot the words and has conversations. I think it is great. Because I like to read and I'm learning a lot of new French words. I know, I should learn first English and then another language, but I like French so much and it looks easy. I have to learn English because the school ask me the English language. And I'm trying to learn French because I said it before, I like it so much.

I think French is easy because it is simmilar to the Spanish in grammar and in some words is a kind of simmilar like "bicyclette" and "bicicleta"...Or something like that xD

Well, I'll try to write more often here.
Have a nice day
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