I'm sick!! I have a big sore throat!!! (> x <)

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Dec 22, 2011 04:08 sick ( > x <) throat story love

For the moment I can't talk because, it hurts! Fortunately, I don't need to talk with the computer, I just need to type.
This remember me a story that my Spanish teacher told us (all the classroom). This story starts with a boy who is very excited because, he will meet to his correspondance girlfriend (he sended letters to her). They will meet in a restaurant. Well, the girl came to the restaurant and the boy can't believe it because she is too beautiful. When the boy tried to talk with her, he have noticed that she was a little deaf. He never noticed that because they only talked by letter. But the nice part, was that he didn't care that, he loves her and he didn't mind to scream for let her know that he loves her.

I'm not good telling stories. Or maybe cause I don't remember all the story, that was about two years ago.

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Have a nice day.