A Traditional Child's Game In Japan

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Jan 28, 2013 22:32
When I was a kid, I used to play a kind of hide-and-seek called Kankeri with my friends.
I want to explain it in English.

We need more than 3 players and prepare an empty can.
1. stand the can on a ground and draw circle around it.
2. choose one tagger.
3. kick the can for starting the game.(a player except the tagger does.)
4. tagger picks up the can and put it on where it was and counts 60 seconds.
While the tagger are doing so, other players have to hide.

The tagger have to stop others from kicking the can.
When the tagger finds other players, he calls their names and steps on the can.
Then the tagger catches them. A player whose name is called have to stay within circle around the can. When the tagger can catch all players, he wins.

Other players have to sneak to kick the can.
When they succeed to kick the can, players caught by the tagger are released.
The game restarts again from 4 and continues till the tagger catches all players.

This game is very fun to play.
However, I'm not sure whether kids play it now in Japan.