Today's Italiano class

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May 10, 2012 00:46
I have started leannig Italiano before 2 weeks ago. It's so tough for me ><
I'm so newbee for Italiano, and also Im not good at English.

Suddunly,I got idea.

"The best way to lean Italiano and inclease English skill in same time,is write contents of Italiano class in English !".....hehe, Im so greedy :P

Today,I learned about verb "essere" and "avere". In Italiano,we can leave subjects out because we can know what is the subjects in changes of verb.

(io) sono
(tu) sei
(lei/lui) e
(noi) siamo
(voi) siete
(loro) sono

(io) ho
(tu) hai
(lei/lui) ha
(noi) abbiamo
(voi) avete
(loro) hanno

I have to lean them by heart.

Before 13 years ago, I was student.
Now,Im 35 years old,I became student again.
Its so fresh, interesting and exciting for me :)