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Nov 10, 2011 11:41
On Sunday night, I went back to my home in Mie. I hadn't been my home since summer vacation. I went home because I wanted to observe one some classes of a elementary school in Inan city, Mie. It's easier to go there from my house in Mie rather than dorm in Hyogo.

However, I wasn't in a mood to go to the school, I just wanted to be at my house and see my family. I knew my grand father always waited to see me and my mother felt lonly because my father is working in Osaka so she can see him once in a while.

Recenly, I feel a bit tired and difficult to be positive. When I was at home, My family and cat healed me a lot. I spend just one day there though, I was a little satisfied with them.

Now I am feeling better, it's time to go ahead.