I miss Vancouver

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Sep 13, 2011 22:14 maly
I'm back from Vancouver. I really miss it.

First 3 weeeks were challenge. Sometimes I cried because English was so hard. Pronuciation, intonation, and tress were defficult and killed me. lol

Sometimes cultual difference caused misunderstanding. The word I used were taken as different mean but it told me a lot of things, How important to understand backgrand with language.The language without culture is meaningless.

Last 3 weeks were so much fun. I went school and leared about English Education. I really liked new school, a teacher and friends.

I could meet a English teacher. She was a teacher when I was in high school. It has been 5years since I met her. We went UBC and Benthenlake together.

My frind visied me. He is from Malysia and I met him in Australia. He stayed my homestay.

I did my praticum lesson in elementary school in Canada. It was about Japanede culture. It went very well.

I could see many friend in Vancouver. I wanted to talk to you more and spend time together. I cried whan I leave my home stay because they has been my family. I love and miss you guys a lot.

I will difinetly come and visit people I met in Vancouver.