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I used to be a part-time online teacher and so far I am enjoying my job. At the same time, I just joined Lang-8 too and find it very exciting to read posts and be able to make corrections and suggestions to help in this journey of learning foreign language. I too would like to learn Japanese language, hence I would love to meet and make new friends here...;)
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オンライン英会話スクール ラングリッチ

※ ラングリッチはLang-8公認のオフィシャルパートナーです。

As of 7/27:

Everyday becomes beautiful to me whenever I see stars from the entries I corrected. That means a lot to me more than it cost you... I am sure of that. Above all, thank you for the opportunity to be of help to all who welcomes me.... as a teacher and as a friend! :) ^_^ YORUSHIKO ONEGAISHIMASU

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I have no words how to say Thanks in English. I can explain help of Zeny in words.