This is my C2 speech script at Toastmasters Club in Taiwan.

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Dec 24, 2013 02:34
This is my C2 speech script at Toastmasters Club in Taiwan. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

a. opening

5,4,3,2,1 ??? (silence)

What where you you expecting ? Did you expect that I would say Happy New Year!? That is a little too early to say, isn't it? Or expect to see the new year's fireworks like the one at 101 building in Taipei? Sorry I didn't arrange that today, maybe next time when I make my C3 speech..

This is one of the magic of numbers. I only said 5 numbers and yet made you expect something to happen. Surely my countdown has influenced your minds.

Numbers can talk as words, even more effectively than words. Numbers are very interesting. It is just amazing that how numbers can affect your life.

b. developing
Let's take a look of other magic of numbers.

Numbers are the universal language, not English.

Regardless of religion, gender, or culture, no matter how diverse different cultures are, numbers are one common language across the world.

Although the way you pronounce is different, if you mean 1, it means 1 in any countries in the world.
1+1=(equals)2 that's a truly definitely universal fact.

Some scientists even claim that numbers can be used as a means of communicating with aliens.

There is a Jodie Foster's film called “Contact”.
In that film, aliens use prime numbers to communicate with humans beings on earth. Do you know what the prime numbers are? Its Chinese it's called Zhi shu.

Though the film is obviously fiction, still using numbers are the most likely the best way to communicate with aliens.

How ? I don't know. It's awfully complicated. It's being said that normally it would take you many, many years of scientific study to really understand this theory. So let's leave it to the smart people.

Also,numbers have symbolical meanings.

4 is considered as the bad number in Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese cultures. But in some other countries, its not a bad number at all. In some countries, 4 means north, south, east, west, a square or being stable.

We, the Japanese don't like No. 9 because it is pronounced “ku” which is similar to the Japanese for suffering, pain.
On the other hand, in Chinese culture, nine is a good number because it sounds the same as the word "long lasting"

These are just one small part of examples. There are thousands of different meanings of numbers out there in the world.

Now we know a little more about numbers. Do you think numbers can be good friends of yours? Of course they can! They can help you with many things in different occasions.

Such as, 112. Anyone has ever heard of this number before? It is the common emergency telephone number that can be used in more than 80 countries in the world including Taiwan. You can call 112 free of charge from any telephone or any mobile phone. In Britain, emergency number is 999. In America it's 911, 000 in Australia. But anyway you just dial 112 and your call will be automatically redirected to the local emergency number.

112,a friend who can help you when you are in emergency, you need this kind of friend, don't you?

However , having said that, numbers also can be harsh on you.

Especially the ones in our bank accounts make us sad or even devastated. The numbers shown on our weight scales make us, especially females cry out loud.

But a good friend is the one who tell you the truth and help you, isn't it?

Though numbers tell us the harsh reality, we can still make the good use of them. Setting up the number as your goal , it would be easier to tell how close you are getting, and measure your progress, which serves as an excellent way to motivate yourself.
And in this way, it's more likely you get better results.
Not many friends can't be like this helpful, not many, really.

Numbers can be captivating and mystical. Numbers are also fun to play around with.

If you see the children or people who struggle with maths or numbers, you can tell them other ways of seeing numbers. Tell them that they are not studying mathematics or algebra, but they are learning the language to talk with the aliens in the future.

When you see number 4 , do not be discouraged by it and don't think it would bring you a bad luck, and try to take the most out of it.

For example,
If your car has a license plate which says 44444 in Taiwan, I bet no other drivers dare to drive close to you. They would dodge you and make a way for you, stay away from you. No one would park their cars next to your car. That means you would always have a plenty of room around you when you drive. You can say Number 44444 actually help you avoid having car accidents , right?

Numbers are interesting! Enjoy numbers!

5,4,3,2,1,...... time is up! Thank you!