みなさん こんにちは^-^ or for me こんばんわ

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Aug 31, 2011 13:10
みなさん こんにちは/こんばんわ おひさしぶりですね?

I have a few questions i've been thinking of for the past few weeks. i havent been on Lang-8.

Well, I read that its rude to use あなた like you shouldn't say "あなたわだれですか?" So you would use that persons name right? So if you didnt know that persons name you would use something like, おにさん or おんえさん right?

What if you couldn't tell how old that person was? If they were for example older than they look and you call them おんえさん (Thats young woman right?) -_-" would they be offended of flattered?

I just started to learn particals, so i'll post a sentence or two if its not to much trouble could you check them for me please? ^-^

So would this be right?

Keiko 1: "ねこがだいすきですゆきさんわどうですか?"(I love cats. do you/ what about you)

Yuki 2: "はい、わたしもねこがだいすきで" (Yes I also like cats)

Thank you for reading this long post!