Do you like black foods?

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Jul 21, 2012 19:13 My_English_Entries Days_in_Japan
When living in Taiwan, I really enjoy eating some foods like look black. For example, the century eggs, the iron eggs, the pig blood cakes, the pork livers and the bobble milk tea. Oh my god, they are so mouth-watering. I'm drooling just thinking about these dishes now. But what a pity, in Japan, I can't find any of them to reduce my hunger. Though in my opinion, they are very delicious. Western people seems to be afraid of the foods that look black. I had shared some iron eggs to the exchange students that are from many the countries. Some of them pinching their noses when eating it, few of them said it's chewy and unexpectedly tasted good. But Most of them rather to die than give it a try. How interesting!

I still found some black food in Japan, and have tasted them. One is called volcanic ash soft ice cream. I saw this was selling in the shop that near Mount Aso, which is an active volcano. I know it can't be made of real volcanic ash, so I was so excited trying to find out how it tastes like. I bought one without hesitate. And, it was made of black sesame. LOL. Very delicious.

And the other one is calamari ink soft ice cream. I saw it when I went to a coastline where is famous of calamari. The shop sells everything that be made of calamari ink. Such as cream puff, curry rice, sausage and the most normal one, pasta. If you ask me how it tasted like, I don't know how to answer you. Kind of sweet, kind of salty... It's hard to explain the flavour but not that awful. LOL. Though my friend who's from Australia almost spit the foods in her stomach out while watching me eating the calamari ink soft ice cream. Ha ha!
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