To compare with Japanese, I just love English soooooooo much

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Jul 7, 2012 02:16 My_English_Entries
Feel very depress learning Japanese now. Even that I've been learning it for almost 4 years, still can't avoid keep making lots of mistakes.

Especially the honorific which I dislike the most. It's too difficult to handle it skilfully.

Everytime when talking to the Japanese who are elder than me, I always make them feel uncomfortable. Cause I always using the words that shows no respect to them or the words that should be used to those who are younger than me.

They were a little bit angry at me, and I felt kind of upset as well.... I'm not a native speaker of Japanese, you know I didn't mean to use the wrong words... I did it with no purpose, truly.

I feel very nervous when having conversations with Japanese elders now. How annoying, how depress! Yeah, okay cool, I know, for them, this called MANNERS... But it's still the way too strict for me...

I love English so much. To compare with Asian languages, English is a very free language. In normal cases, you can say whatever you want to whomever that is elder than you or younger than you. You don't even have to change the words to show your respect when talking to your boss. Is that right?

Ohhhhhh God.... I feel so depress now...
Kind of wanna give up learning Japanese ...

Sorry for complaining...
Okay, anyway, I'll try to cheer myself up in order to work hard on learning Japanese soon again...!