Do you know Ecuador?

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Jul 23, 2011 00:14 ecuador hello pretty
I am here again!!, I want to travel Europa by next year but my friends saying: Sudaka would have know Ecuador first. So I think planning a trip to Galapagos Islands first, so as to bring some pictures of my beautiful country, always I say: Ecuador is a only country that you take a breakfast in the Coast, you can see the beach and engoying the sun, then could take a lunch in Sierra Region, You take a pictures, There are a mountains, The weather it´s cold but the wild´s sounds are amazing!! The people in this region are very serious but friendly!, To night you could take a airplane and to travel for only 15 minutes and you will arrived in Tena. It´s a place in the Amazonas Region, a place with rivers, flora and fauna, birds, and some great animals! I have to tell you some things of my country also I could to write a book but I must go to work now! good bye