Assignment 3

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Nov 9, 2011 21:09
Third, I would likely to talk about racial discrimination. This movie deals with racial discrimination. Please watch this movie: The Corny Collins Show is one of the popular TV programs a teen dance show broadcast, Tracy and her best friend Penny like watching it. Tracy has dream of attending this TV program. But TV program members are only white, there are no black people. Velma manages this TV program is nasty and dislike black people. When Tracy attends this TV program audition, she immediately makes a fool of her and rejects her at the audition for being overweight. Black kids are only allowed on the show on "Negro Day", and of course there are no white people.
After Tracy couldn’t pass The Corny Collins Audition, Tracy learns that the “Negro Day” kids practice their dances in the detention hall. Link is one of the Corny Collins members, he and Tracy is the same school students. When Tracy dance with “Negro Day” kids, Tracy meet Link by chance. Tracy’s moves attract the attention of Corny Collins and he chooses her to be the Corny Collins member.
Link gradually understand worth of“Negro Day” kids through dance. Tracy’s best friend Penny fall in love with Seaweed the students' best dancer. They cultivate their friendship and Seaweed lead they to a platter party at Maybelle’s record shop. In this shop, there are many people practice dance for the purpose of attending Negro Day. But Maybelle who manages Negro Day cannot stand a racially segregated program and announce that she will end Negro Day. Tracy offers a protest march on The Corny Collins and Maybelle accept it.
Edna try to stop her from joining protest, but the next morning, Tracy secretly goes out of the house to join the protest, which is prevented by a police roadblock set up by Velma.
The protesters are arrested, but Tracy runs away from the police. Seaweed and his friends help Tracy and Penny escape.

With the pageant underway, Wilbur, Seaweed, and the Negro Day kids help Tracy enter the studio in time to participate in the Miss Teenage Hairspray dance contest. Link breaks away from Amber to dance with Tracy; later, he pulls Little Inez to the stage to dance in the pageant.

Little Inez receives the most votes and wins the pageant. Feeling over The Corny Collins Show run higher, black and white dance together. Maybelle can lead dance on this TV show. The Corny Collins Show set explodes into a celebration as Tracy and Link cement their love.
Do you bring yourself to dance to music? If you are interested in Hairspray from our speech, it will be our pleasure. Thank you for listening.