Assignment 2

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Nov 9, 2011 21:09
Second, I would likely to tell about Music and dance with movie.
The most characteristics of this movie are music and dance. When situation greatly change, Adam Shankman film director often inserts dance and music into this movie.
Please watch this movie. This is the first time Tracy appears. This movie and music show her personality and a great impact about her overweight body. Perhaps you can understand from this movie, instead of her body, Tracy is cheerful and positive girl.
In addition to this, this movie is the early part, which implies how to proceeds this story.

Tracy’s mother Edna also has overweight body, but she is entirely different from Tracy’s personality. Tracy doesn’t anxious about her body, but Edna cannot do so and it cause her to stay indoors for long time. One day, Tracy asks Edna to be her agent, she denies at first, but Tracy encourage Edna to have confident and Edna decide to be positive.
Tracy finally success to take her out for outdoor and Edna decide to be her agent. At this store, Edna successfully contract with him for the closes and the chief of this store completely like her.
This movie dramatically implies change of Edna mind and situation with dance and music.

When Tracy successes on The Corny Collins Show, Velma tries to flirt with Tracy's father Wilbur for the purpose of annoying Edna. Edna is deceived and accuses Wilbur of infidelity. Edna, out of hatred for Velma, forbids Tracy from being on the show. But thanks to Tracy’s effort, Wilbur tries to reconcile this incident. This is that scene. At first she doesn’t hear his words. But he sincerely tries to show his innocent. Finally, she trusts his words and soon reconcile.