It's been a long time! Assingment 1

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Nov 9, 2011 21:08
I can't spend long time in Lang 8, but I feel it is necessary for me to continue to write entry for improving my English skill.
Then I think I would likely to spend long time in Lang 8 in earnest from today.

I have assignment, I and my partner have to speak about movie named Hairspray. This article is very long, however small if you correct my article, it will be my help! Thank you for in advance!

Hello everyone! My name is ○○, and her name 〇〇. We would likely to tell about interesting movie Hairspray. This movie is the most her favorite movie. We are going to speak three parts, the plot, Music and dance, racial discrimination. Anyway, let’s begin.

・The plot of Hairspray
Hi! First, I would like to talk about plot of Hairspray.
 Tracy is a main character who is a cheerful, but overweight high school student living in Baltimore. She and her best friend Penny like watching their favorite TV show, The Corny Collins Show, a teen dance show broadcast. She has a dream of appearing on this TV program.

One day, Corny Collins announces that several Council Members is going to resign, and that auditions for a replacement will be held the next morning during school hours. Tracy wishes to attend this audition, but Tracy's mother Edna disapproves of it for her overweight. Compared with her mother, Tracy's father Wilbur is more generous. He said to her “big to be big!” What he said encourage her to attend.

It’s my turn to go on.

When Tracy attends, Amber and Amber’s mother Velma exercise their authority in this TV program rejects her at the audition for being overweight and supportive of integration. Negro Day is the one of the TV programs. In school, she learns that the “Negro Day” kids practice their dances in the detention hall. Tracy befriends the students' best dancer called Seaweed who teaches Tracy several dance moves. As Tracy leaves detention, she accidentally bumps into Link and fall in love with him when he winks at her. At a record hop, Tracy’s moves attract the attention of Corny Collins and he chooses her to be the Corny Collins member. Tracy becomes one of Corny's most popular Council Members. This threatens Amber's chances of winning the show's yearly "Miss Teenage Hairspray" contest and her relationship with Link.

At school, Tracy introduces Seaweed to Penny, where the two are instantly fall in love with each other. One afternoon, Amber arranges for Tracy to be sent to detention. Seaweed invites the girls and Link who cannot stand this situation to follow him and his sister Little Inez to a platter party at Motormouth Maybelle's record shop. Maybelle who manages Negro Day cannot stand a racially segregated program and announce that she will end Negro Day. Tracy suggests that Maybelle and the others stage a protest march, which they plan for the next afternoon, a day before the "Miss Teenage Hairspray" pageant.

The next morning, a protest march is failed by police. Tracy also joins the protest, but manage to run away. Velma places police officers around Corny Collins Show station to try to stop Tracy. She also changes the pageant tallies so Amber is guaranteed to win. Penny arrives at the pageant with Edna "incognito", while Tracy’s friends help her and to enter Corny Collins Show. Link breaks away from Amber to dance with Tracy; later, he pulls Little Inez to the stage to dance in the pageant.

Little Inez receives the most votes and wins the pageant.
Velma's cheat is broadcast on the air, causing her to be fired from the program. Meanwhile, The Corny Collins Show set into a celebration.

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