She left me

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Aug 23, 2011 21:58
I can't shake off melancholy
I would like to talk about what happened(or "what is happened" is this phrase OK?).
There's someone I have a crush.
Before my summer vacation, I succeeded to make two date for summer vacation with her.
One plan was going to art museum, the other was going to see firework.
When I made date, she was pleased with my invitation.
At this time, she didn't yet to decide schedule during summer.
That was why I asked her when you decide summer vacation schedule, please tell me by email.
Late in July, majoring history freshman effectively enter summer vacation.
But she didn't make contact with me.
I sent email and called, but I was out of contact with her.
I knew she was very busy with part time job, but I couldn't understand why she didn't contact with me.

Early in August, I held drinking party again.
At this time, she had yet to send email to me.
At first, she didn't come.
There is someone who enter on the way and I promised him to meet.
On the way to meet him, I accidentally met her!
When I met her I ask her why you didn't contact with me.
She said "my cell phone broke".
I thought this is a poor excuse, in Japan, calling aside, even if people can't receive email at the time, he can receive this email again after repair cell phone.
In addition to this, I said her "Do you want to go to museum and see firework? If you are busy with part time job, I can abandon the plan"
She said "yeah...I am very busy...", then my very happy summer vacation ended.

Before summer vacation, she and I are on friendly terms with each other.
But her attitude to me suddenly changed.
If I could know the reason, I would be kind of shocked, but perhaps I would be able to get over soon.
But I can't come up with the reason.
That is why I can't shake off melancholy.
My summer vacation last for about 20 days, but it seems that I will be bad summer vacation.
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