Universal truth

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Aug 3, 2011 13:25
Perhaps I can find universal truth, people often fall all over female more than male on the Internet. Before I study English, I had thought this case applies to only in Japan.
But I can find most of male’s views count on this site is about half as many as female. And making a correction for female is faster than male.

Why this case occurred? Perhaps I can explain the following case. One man who love female. He and she get acquainted with each other on the Internet. But he didn’t know her face. He said ”what she say and what her behavior is very cute. I like her everything!” One day he asked her for a date and met. After they met, he didn’t say nothing about her. Then I tried to ask him how about the meeting. He said “Perhaps we’ll never meet”.

Make allowances for this case, in the Internet, particular male often beautify female. Do you think this case is true or not?