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Mar 4, 2014 08:50 Japrish made 9 corrections for Last weekend I went to the ...
Very good! You had just one recurring problem. You don't have to put a space before punctuation. I hope you're able to find a ...
Aug 27, 2011 03:55 Sushi Smile made 8 corrections for What do you think that she ...
The rose design looks very nice.
Aug 24, 2011 23:29 コーヒー made 12 corrections for I got a beetle.
At least the beetle wasn't weak in the end!
Jul 28, 2011 23:19 nowlst made 5 corrections for Ponyo
That lunch box looks awesome!
Jul 26, 2011 18:08 Imi made 5 corrections for English conversation class
Just remember that you have to have patience too. You're doing the right thing by going to class, so in time you'll get better. ...
Jul 15, 2011 18:13 Imi commented on Soccer game
**I feel like shit!** This might be something you say to yourself when you are hungover, lol. But yeah, it is pretty crude. Casuall...
Jul 7, 2011 00:33 maikeru made 8 corrections for The Tohoku earthquake
Thank you for correcting my entry. I thought I would return the favor :). I was in Sendai when the earthquake happened, it was really sca...
Jul 5, 2011 22:49 akiba commented on I love bargains.
Thanks a lot !!!
Jul 2, 2011 07:26 akiba commented on Weekend
Thank you! Your explanation is easy to understand.
Jun 29, 2011 23:46 Teacher Jeanne made 7 corrections for The Tohoku earthquake
I just hope the situation now in Japan is ok! :D
Jun 28, 2011 00:26 William made 4 corrections for My favorite comic
I read the entry for it on Wikipedia and it sounds like a very interesting comic. Thank you for sharing!