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Oct 21, 2011 22:16
I just saw a move named 武侠( I don't know how to translate the name) by chen ke xing. I would say (Is it mean 我得说?) the movie is a mess. I don't have the a clue about what the director wanted to express. It seems to me like a unspeakable mix.
The basic plot of the movie is about a detective chase a murderer, who want to break away from a crime organization and the detective finally found the murderer and help he leave that organization, but he died in the process of helping the murderer. The story is approximately set in 1940 and the place where the story happen is a small village.
The character play the detective is a famous kongfu actor zhenzidan and the one who play the detective is jinchengwu, a mixed idol who is famous in Asia.
The movie is define as a action movie with suspense. The whole atmosphere of the movie is pretty weird. You can hear electronic music while people are fighting in the movie, which is not match the ancient surrounding at all. And another thing I think spoiled the movie is that the director let the detective spoke dialect in the entire movie while the other spoke standard mandarin, which is so weird and artificial. I really don't know why the director wanted to do that. There are so many ways to establish a character while he chose the worst one. And the ultimate boss is also a failure. His round face and voice make me think he is a comic character rather than a vicious villain.
The director is famous for a move called 甜蜜蜜, which bring a lot of awards for him. Of course he also directed a lot other movies but none of them are better than 甜蜜蜜. In my opinion, he only expressed what he wanted to expressed in only 甜蜜蜜, because I can't see what he wanted to express in others. The reason of that, I think, it is partly because the story that happened in 甜蜜蜜 is a personal experience drawn by her own process of grow up, in which his parents experienced the same experience told by the movie.
I think it is pretty common that directors have trouble properly and effectively expressing or conveying the idea and the feeling of the original work that their movies based on. but that is a important criterion to judge if the director are competent or not.