Double Standard

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Apr 29, 2018 12:42
There is a phrase “double standard.” When I surf the internet, I sometimes come across this phrase. It means literally you have two standards in regard to a certain thing. In general, this has a negative connotation. Interestingly, even if people are criticized by saying they have a double standard, many of them ignore it. Have you ever experienced this kind of thing?

As for me, I’m onto something. I often think we should be short-sighted. But, I have to admit I have a double standard in this regard. Especially when I realize I don’t go well with a person, I tend to stop actively interacting with them. In other words, I’m often short-sighted when I understand people. Now, I’ll try to explain why it happens to make an excuse.

I assume we humans have a lot of hurdles in our mind in regard to certain things. The hurdles might have subtle differences between the heights, but they’re almost the same height. In other words, they’re our standard. And, we raise “all” the hurdles when we feel something significant once in a while. It’s kind of like increasing the level of moral sense. However, when we think emotionally a certain thing should be right, we raise “the” hurdle subconsciously. What will happen? We raise the hurdle, but we leave the other hurdles as they are. Smart people may raise all the hurdles, while most of us are not so smart. As a result, we have a double standard. There is a saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” It seems the hurdles are close to the trees.

Nowadays, we often see some people raise their voice regardless of a personal matter or a campaign. I can say most of them certainly have a double standard. The reason is very simple. Most people who raise their voice are not so smart, and if they’re not so smart, they can’t raise all the hurdles. Unfortunately, they rarely admit it. Anyway, we should keep in mind that we’re likely to have a double standard unless we get an overall view of it.

Thank you for reading my entry.