True Beauty

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Apr 13, 2018 11:49
Have you ever heard of sumo? It’s the most popular national sport in Japan. But nowadays, there were consecutive scandals caused by a few sumo wrestlers and the Sumo Association, then many fans are worrying about the future of sumo. When it comes to sumo wrestlers, they are just gluttons, and actually their average weight is approximately 150 kilograms. So, you might have a feeling of resistance toward those sweaty fat men. But, I think many of them have something behind it.

Now, I’ll introduce an impressive story I heard about sumo. In the past, there was a great sumo wrestler named Taiho. He was so strong that he continued winning as Yokoduna, the highest rank. But one day, he fell over all of a sudden because of stroke which did severe permanent damage to him. After that, he had to undergo painful rehabilitation. Then, some journalists came to the hospital to cover him. At first, they tried to take his video, but they were shocked and realized that he couldn’t even stand up, and he was crawling on the floor endlessly. There was no figure of what he used to be Yokoduna. They really felt sorry for him, so they were going to stop taking the video not to expose his miserable behavior to people. However, he urged them to keep doing. And, he said this way. “Please keep taking the video, because I’m so glad if what I’m struggling could encourage people who are struggling like me.” If we can’t call this strongness, then what is strongness? I think that this is what he was as Yokoduna, in a word, it’s his true beauty.

Today, many people take their photos and videos that look beautiful and upload them to social media like Instagram. Almost all of them look beautiful actually, I mean, they never expose something that could look ugly to us. The story makes me think what our beauty should be.

Thank you for reading my entry.



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