Limit Down

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Apr 26, 2018 11:11
A few days ago, a member of a famous male idol group created a big scene due to his indecent assault. The group has been popular for over two decades, but they’re under severe condition now. I don’t know if this is common in other countries, but whole organizations are harshly criticized by the masses due to a single disgraced person very often. I guess that changes of programs or activities related to them are inevitable.

I think that it’s a given that what he did disappointed many people. But, I have another thing on my mind too. Confidence in others are easily broken even if they were seen as wonderful people. I bet you’ve heard of Ichiro, the greatest baseball player whom Japanese people are proud of. He has been seen as the best model of genius since I was a child. But, his recent result is not desirable, so some people say that he gets too old or he should’ve retired earlier. Some people sometimes say “limit-up and limit-down” when they refer to someone else’s evaluation. Actually, stock prices are often seen as trustworthiness. Anyway, I think that we shouldn’t react nervously to others. That’s because we’re not stock prices, and the future is changeable.

Thank you for reading my entry.